Phase 1 – New Market Expansion Training


  • Participate in the six-week new market expansion training  
  • Join Virtual Trade Missions to learn about new markets  
  • Learn about potential partners, customers and suppliers 
  • Learn how to include your product/software/technology in a Virtual showcase to educate businesses in the target market you plan to visit 
  • Plan key meetings with select advisors, business leaders and organizations  

Phase 1 Training 

Phase 2 – SMART Trade Mission

  • Accommodations with Breakfast and Lunch
  • VIP Host
  • VIP Receptions
  • Introductions and Networking with Leaders from Business, Government, Chambers of Commerce and Trade Organizations, and Academia. 
  • Workshops from Industry Experts, and Regional Business Advisors 
  • Site Visits
  • One-on-one Business Advisory
  • Phase 2 Trade Mission Includes Phase 1 New Market Expansion Training 

Phase 2 – SMART Trade Mission including Phase 1 Training 

Private cohorts may be requested with custom agendas and pricing.


  • Your company will be featured in a post trade mission press release, virtual showcase and online business directory.
  • Your company will continue to receive invitations to live and virtual events and market updates.

Phase 3- Virtual Market Expansion Program (VME) – training and consulting

  • Join the 12-month Virtual Market Expansion Program
  • New Market Expansion Training (Phase 1) is included.
  • Learn in-depth from National Business Advisors how to develop, launch or expand your business.
  • Create your detailed sales plan, market launch plan, and marketing plan.
  • Participate in virtual trade missions to learn about soft landing opportunities.
  • Invitation to attend live and virtual events to meet key business partners, customers and suppliers.
  • Pitch your solutions to investors or lenders for your business.

Phase 3 – Virtual Market Expansion Program (12-month)  

You may apply to join a live Trade Mission Delegation with the link below.  There is no cost or obligation to apply.  You will not be billed unless you are approved.  Invoices will be issued for accounting or reimbursement.


SMART investment, solution, and service providers seeking to enter a new market, internationalize, or globalize, are now invited to join a series of virtual and live SMART TRADE MISSIONS to the United States, U.S. Territories, and her allies.

The delegates will discover new business opportunities, how to engage in SMART Community initiatives and projects (policy, funding, commerce, governance), Digital Transformation (data, sensors, AI, IoT, Cyber Security, Privacy, Blockchain), SMART Mobility (transportation, autonomous, public transit, ride share), Infrastructure (networks, 5G, utilities, energy, grid, lighting, water, waste), and Operations (public safety, planning, emergency response, sustainability) within the United States, U.S. Territories, and her allies.


Since 2006, the SMART Community Council USA has hosted SMART Trade Missions around the world to provide Foreign Investors and Business Executives access to SMART Community intelligence, resources, know-how, and contacts they need, to successfully invest and enter and expand reach and operations in SMART Communities.  SMART Trade Missions are powered by the SMART Community Council USA and Nordic Business Council USA local partners from governments, academia, enterprises, and organizations to accelerate SMART growth within the United States, U.S. Territories, and her allies.

Communities are SMART when investments in human and social capital and SMART infrastructure and technologies fuel sustainable growth and a high quality of life.


U.S. government agencies and municipal organizations are now mobilizing budgets and investing in SMART infrastructure initiatives and projects estimated $65B in SMART Energy, $65B Digital/ Networks, $47B Resilience, $55B SMART Water, $39B SMART Mobility, $15B Electric Vehicles, $10B Connecting Communities, $100B Roads & Bridges, and $108B Airports/ Ports/ Rail.