We help Economic Development Organizations and Foreign Trade Partners to identify Companies ready for a new market entry, and Business Executives seeking to internationalize and/or globalize their product or operations.

We provide a virtual platform for Virtual Market Expansion training programs shared by regional and local business advisors.

Virtual Market Expansion (VME)
For Economic Development Partners (EDP)

Economic Development and Foreign Trade Partners are invited to participate in partnered International Virtual Market Expansion (VME) programs, to help Foreign Companies effectively enter and expand reach and operations in a new market.

For more information – Contact Tana Torrano tana@marketvision.org

SMART Region Program
International Economic Development and Foreign Trade Partnership

The SMART Region Program is a collaborative program, facilitated by the SMART Community Exchange and Nordic Business Exchange.

The program provides access to training, resources, and business ecosystems that companies need to successfully expand or launch in a new market. 

The Virtual Market Expansion Program is provided in partnership with local and SMART regional Economic Development and Foreign Partners and their regional business advisors.

The program also includes live and virtual events and Trade Missions.