Mechanical Series Bundle


Air Compressor Repair

• Disassembly, Inspection, and Repair

• Principles and Troubleshooting

Bearings – Reducing Failure Rate

• Failure Analysis

• Maintaining Bearings

Centrifugal Pump Repair

• Principles & Troubleshooting

• Disassembly, Inspection, Reassembly

Hand Tools and Measuring Instruments

• Hand Tools

• Precision Measuring Instruments

Industrial Hydraulic Power

• Directional and Flow Controls

• Hydraulic Actuators

• Hydraulic Pumps, Pumping Principles,and Accumulators

• Hydraulic System Operation

• Pressure Controls

Industrial Lubrication

• Fundamentals of Lubrication

• Lubrication Maintenance

Mechanical Seals

• Mechanical Seals


• Lagging and Installation

• Pipefitting Materials and Layout

• Preparing Pipe for Installation

• Tubing and Threaded Pipe

Pneumatic Power

• Pneumatic Air Treatment

Rigging and Lifting

• Forklifts and Cranes

• Hand Operated Equipment

• Ladders and Scaffolding

Rotating Equipment Predictive Maintenance and Alignment

• Computerized and Laser Alignment

• Lubricant and Trend Analysis

• Principles and Practices of Predictive


• Principles of Reverse Double Dial


• Reverse Double Dial Alignment


• Techniques for Extending Bearing Life

• Vibration Analysis

Statistical Process Control

• Advanced Control Charts

• Control Charts for Attributes

• Control Charts for Variables

• Introduction to Control Charts

• Introduction to Statistical Process Control

• Machine and Process Capability Studies

• Problem Solving Techniques

Troubleshooting Skills

• Developing Logical Thinking

Valve Repair

• Globe and Control Valve Repair

• Gate Valve Repair