Nordic Business Council USA

Nordic Business Council USA is a specially formed new Executive Council that drives USA-Nordic cooperation, shares perspectives from stakeholders, and helps power enterprises, organizations, institutions, and governments with valuable insight.

The Council Members:

  • share strategic insights
  • build the right relationships
  • receive exclusive invitations
  • have conversations with fellow members
  • offer and receive valuable advice from peers
  • connect with other members through culture and sports

Program Overview

The Nordic Business Council USA is a Corporate Partner Program (“the Program”). The Program focuses on connecting Nordic Businesses in the United States. By connecting  the Nordic Businesses, the Program is designed to “Drive Nordic Cooperation in the United States” through active Corporate Partner engagement.

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Application for Council Membership

Based on the information you provide; our selection committee will evaluate your request for membership. Expect a response to your request within 14 business days.

To apply, you must be a senior-level executive at an enterprise, organization, institution, or government. If you meet our requirements and would like to apply, please email your request to:

The Nordic Business Council USA program is privately funded and managed by the Nordic Business Review (NBR) Media Group.  

As our valued Member of the Nordic Business Council USA you will receive:

  • seat in the Annual Nordic Business Council USA Leadership Forum
  • invitation to present at the Annual Nordic Business Exchange USA
  • inclusion in Nordic Business Review (NBR) publication

As a Member of the Program, an Executive from each Corporate Partner Company can:

  • Influence the strategic direction of the Program
  • Have access to other Program Members
  • Speak at the Program Forums
  • Be invited to the Program Meetings

As a Member of the Program, Management Professionals from each Corporate Partner Company can:

  • Speak at the Nordic Business Exchange Annual Forum
  • Be a Corporate Speaker in the Nordic Business Review Series
  • Be a Mentor/Adviser to the Program Partners
  • Participate in joint Program Projects and Initiatives
  • Host Interns at their Respective Companies

As a Member of the Program, Human Resource Professionals from each Corporate Partner can:

  • Showcase at the Nordic Business Exchange USA forums and events
  • Participate in the Nordic Business Exchange USA Career Fair
  • Share in-company training programs
  • Host Interns at your company

Corporate Partners play a vital role in driving Nordic Cooperation in the United States. Corporate Partners will:

  • Have hands-on role in mentoring and engaging other executives and management professionals in the Program
  • Be acknowledged on the Program website
  • Featured in Nordic Business Review newsletters
  • Honored at the Program Forums and Events
  • Introduced through US Media Press Release announcements to major media outlets, subscribing journalists (150,000+), reporters, bloggers, radio, television
  • Social media announcements to 4.5+ million internationally.
  • Collaborate and support each other to motivate, inspire, thrive, lead, and succeed

Please NOTE

Information you provide will ONLY be shared with our internal membership-selection committee.  We appreciate your support and look forward to hearing from you!