Electrical Series Bundle


AC and DC Motors

• AC Motor Theory 

• AC Motor Maintenance 

• DC Motor Theory 

• DC Motor Maintenance 

Conduit Installation

• Conduit Bending and Installation 

Digital Electronic Theory

• Binary Logic Circuits 

• Codes, Encoders, Decoders, and Flip-Flops 

• Counters and Shift Registers 

• Data Transmission, Conversion and Storage

Electrical Control Equipment

• Fuses and Circuit Breakers 

• Limit Switches 

• Switches, Coils, and Overloads 

• Magnetic Starters 

• Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits 

• Inverters: Operation and Maintenance 

Electrical Safety

• Electrical Personal Protective Equipment 

Electrical Theory for Troubleshooters

• Ohm’s Law 

• AC Characteristics 

• Three-phase AC Circuits • Solid State Theory: Semiconductors and Diodes 

• Solid State Theory: Rectifiers and Filters 

• Solid State Theory: Power Devices 

• Introduction to Digital Devices

Electrical/Electronic Test Equipment

• Multimeters 

• Oscilloscopes 

• Ammeters, Meggers & Wheatstone Bridge

Print Reading

• Electrical Schematics 

• Electrical Diagrams 

Programmable Controllers

• Principles of Operation

• Interpreting Ladder Logic 

• Programmable Controllers for Analog Control