School Safety

Safety Plan & Training

The Smart School Safety & Security –system includes a safety plan template developed in schools as a workbook-based online course, which schools can utilize to build a highly-varied safety training material localized for the individual school. The finished safety course follows the Social Micro Learning principle and is thus easily consumed with the staff´s own mobile devices, regardless of time and place. Certificates are awarded upon successful completion, which can be used to demonstrate the safety know-how of the school staff.

Teacher Training

Professional Development for Educators

SMART Education Exchange is a completely new production and distribution platform for e-learning and educational materials, a global online store, and a very versatile learning environment for educational institutions, teachers, trainers and students, which also enables the organization of personal or group-specific video lessons and webinars. It is an excellent service for training exporters who train around the world. Our premier product is sharing Finnish Teacher Training for US Teachers.

Workforce Training

Training and ReTraining for a Stronger Workforce

Our courses have been developed by subject matter experts with substantial experience in actual industrial environments, so they understand how the real world – your world – works.   The curriculum is Results-driven Interactive Comprehensive Optimized for Online Delivery, and Trackable. Our courses help reduce downtime, and contribute to the bottom line.