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Nordic Business Council

Minna LeVine, CEO Chamber of Eco Commerce, Co Founder of SMART Community Exchange and Nordic Business Exchange & Chairman of Nordic Business Council
Tana Torrano, CEO Market Vision Consulting, LLC, Co Founder SMART Community Exchange and Nordic Business Exchange, Chair of SMART Community Council
Joshua Seeberg, President of Council of American States in Europe (C.A.S.E.) and Senior FDI AdvisorSenior FDI Advisor South Carolina Department of Commerce
Jarkko Surakka
Jarkko Surakka, Epinova Oy, Global Education Exports, Chairman Nordic Business Council EU, Finland
Timo Calonius, Representative of German BWA in Finland at Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade, Global Economic Network

Council Members

Jeff Gaynor, President, American Resilience, LLC
Mohan Nadarajan
Mohankumar Nadarajan, CEO ADR Group International
Gurvinder Singh Ahluwalia , Founder CEO Digital Twin Labs | Advisor: Gates Foundation, Berkeley Lab, Univ College London
Sue Malone, Strategies for Small Business and Banking Consultant
Rauno Saarnia, CDO and founder at XR Presence Inc.
veli Eloranta
Veli Eloranta, Founder and CEO at NORDIC 247
William LeVine, Advantages International LLC
Robert W. Gerber, Managing Director, Alpine International Advisors

Founding Members